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Candy Contest! For the month of October screenshot your best candy score at the end of your run and post it in the comments or discord.  The highest total for both stand and infinite mode at the end of the month will get to suggest or design a costume for the monster line of their choice.  More details on discord or Changelog.

Vanguard Monsters is a Roguelite Autobattler where you raise a party of monsters, collect treasure, and do battle to fend off the invading forces of the Void.   Battles happen automatically, with anywhere between 1 to 6 monsters on either side of the field. Each monster attacks or uses their ability when their respect charge meters fill, so you will need to choose the best formation at the start of the battle to tackle what unique challenges the enemies present each time. You move a monster in battle but theres a cooldown on this, so time it wisely to protect someone weak or concentrate damage on a big threat!   When a monster reaches 0 hp it will be unable to fight for the rest of that battle and your party will accrue a wound.  Gain too many wounds and your monsters will be unable to continue their quest.  

As you complete battles and events you will find food, treasure and potions, feeding monsters permanently increases their stats, and each monster can wield 1 equipment.  These items can have very powerful effects when used on the right monster but these items can only be used before battle begins.  Potions are one exception, these provide temporary boosts to a specific monster and can be used at any time.

Throughout your journey you will come across Monster Nests and Aurite Crystals, both of which will greatly affect your party.  Nests will provide you with an egg that can be hatched into new monster for your team.  Aurite on the other hand is crystalized magic that will cause a monster to evolve into their next form, granting a new ability and increasing their stats.  Every monster can evolve twice, but it will take more than just regular aurite to do so the second time.  

Programming /Design / Art Me

Additional Items & Parrot & Dragon & Kaiju Monster Families done by

Fonts by /

Music by

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GenreRole Playing
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Tagsautobattler, Monsters, Roguelike, Roguelite
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Can you uncap stats, i had a monster that his int didnt go more then 120

the stat cap is 999, how were you increasing the int when it stopped?


played it for 3hrs straight, amazing game!!!!

thank you :D


idk why but it gives me the alt skin for Mabek more then it gives me the normal skin.

(2 edits) (+1)

Level 3 Infinity Mode Run with Mablack ( nickname for alt skin Mabek :P )

I had a free saturday night and I wanted some light fun, for change. No stress from calamity runs. I didn't finish the run because it is quite late here and I have to go to bed. I quitted after some time, during the 5 loop.

Side note: On safari it didn't give me the "run out of memory" problem, at least not where I reached.

Here is some screenshots!

Team Name: The Luckiest Saturday Night Party

The synergies talk by themselves. Nature, Haunted, Saboteur, Magical and MAX Lucky and MAX Aquatic.


I started with Woad and Mabek and I upgraded Woad ASAP to get Dark Harvest. I farmed a lot of foods this way, sacrificing my favorite doggo without losing wounds to see him return from his own reign of death to fight again! Muahahahah! And he brought foods to celebrate his return every time! :P

Later on the sacrifice role fell upon basically everyone except woad, when I found them, for a bit, and it really paid off. I think Dark Harvest and Haunted are under appreciated. Very cool combo.


Gora with tons of hp? Check. Hydrim with OMEGA Heart of the Ocean (and tons of hp thanks to the blessing)? Check. Nature Synergy? Check. Woad with Dark Ritual? Check.


I wanted to reach MAX Nature, but I could not find a living root :( But I did find like, 4 Hearts of the Ocean, so I guess that balances things out!


As always, Wyrmlet is a beast. Heart of the Ocean + Spyglass and only 15 mana, with Magical active, Wisdom pact, Arcane evolution... Boom. Dmg everywhere.


Sure, maybe there are better combo, but I find a lot of satisfaction in Mabek powers, especially the Dying Breath one. It helps tons along the run. Especially against hordes of monsters. I gave him the blessing that gives every synergy almost just because. You know, for funsies! u,u 

He is also the stylishest monster around rn, so, yeah, bonus points :P <3


It was fun. I was lucky with the items, as you can see. Heart of the Ocean is great and even better in multiple copies. Spyglass is cool and I think it's great that now it's rare. It was kinda broken before, with all those combos. It's still very strong though.

Poison keeps being a pain in the bottom, especially those emitters that poison you when you cast. When I encountered them I had to take away the hearts of the ocean and use some humble chalices, crystal vials and bloodguards to fight their effects, and sometimes it worked JUST enough. Even with Gora's help, I would have lost for sure in calamity mode with this strat.

As a final side note, I wanted very bad to find the event that fuses items with monsters, but I couldn't :( Damn... Wyrmlet with Ocean Spyglass and Crystal Chalice would have been amazing. Healing everywhere and poison check (a little, at least)


1. The option to always check the map is GREAT. Thank you!

2. Already said. Rare Spyglass works and rocks.

3. Temper is very cool! I like it a lot, nice idea :D

4. The new egg/aurite distribution looks cool. It threw me off at the beginning, but then I made some math and I think it gives you 1 more spot where to get an egg or an aurite, correct? Or is it the same? Before, I could barely have 6 lv3 monsters at the end of the 2 loop, and I had to be careful not to fuck up. Now it seems to be easier.

5. Autosave. It's a very nice addition! I don't know if it works properly though. There is written that it's experimental, so it is expected. I tried to quit and load the game and I am indeed in the same spot with the same monsters and stuff, but it misses the blessings. Also, it triggered a different event than before. I don't think it is intended.

Screenshot after the loading: No blessing/Curses, different event.

I think it's only a visual bug. Even the loop counter has disappeared.

Dunno. Still a cool first try. But maybe one day, with a proper steam or downloadable final release, this will not be necessary :)

EDIT: Closed and reopened safari to check. There is no more save to load ^^'

Thanks as always for the fun, Jay! :D


Oh, question. Is there a limit to the mana regen a monster can have?

Yep, its 20 mana/sec!

thats alotta mana! Also that Gora has a ton of hp too.  The new egg distribution I believe ends up with 2 extra, so its more forgiving if you miss one, or take a wrong path.  Hmm thats not good with the save, I was worried about that, I'll look into it more.  The different event wasnt a bug, atm it only saves the location on the map, wanted to make sure it was possible before saving even more specific info.  


Quick Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug with random selections sometimes leaving out the last result (why the new event wasn't appearing).   Also fixed a bug with Champion's Laurel breaking when you have 5 or more points in one of the synergies.

(1 edit) (+1)

This. Is. Amazing.

It's so freaking cooooooooool


Thanks Jay! :D

New profile pic for sure!

(1 edit) (+1)

thank you for playing, Im glad you like em!  (theyre actually one of my favs now too).  As for how long theyll be in, I dont have any plans for deactivating them, so indefinitely for now, no rush




Can I ask you for that cheat code to find the skin? It could be handy. I'll admit, resetting 100 times to find it it's a bit annoying ^^''


done, when on the title screen right click to start


Thank you! :D

Question Event "Leap the Chasm".

When you find that event in which you fall and gain 1 wound, you obtain three options:

1. If you have 100+ strength, you gain 1 wound to find a cheap shop.

2. If you have 40+ speed you gain 1 wound to "Leap the Chasm".

3. You can escape.

In all of my previous runs I could never do the second option, so I tried and... I escaped gaining one wound?

Why should one choose the second option, which requires to have a speedy monster, when the third one is always available and doesn't give you a wound?

Maybe I'm missing something?

I found it again and this time I had the ulterior option "With 100+ def, block sand flow" and... nothing happened o.o''

Are they inactive in infinity mode?

hmm anything with a Stat requirement in that event should lead to a special reward.  So it sounds like something is broken...

(1 edit)

I see, sorry :/

Im the one who is sorry for breaking the event xD 

just to clarify did the options look like 

or was it missing the 2nd half "Cheap Shop" / "Better Treasure"?


Damn... I don't remember anymore :/

I don't think I saw them like this. I remember connecting in my mind "gain 1 wound = block sand flow" and expected something to happen, so I don't think I saw the cheap shop part.

This said, I remember I connected the "100+ strength" requirement to the cheap shop, while here I see it is connected to the "100+ def" one.

If I find this event again I'll make sure to take some screenshots of it

I have to say... Poison is still extremely strong, despite the nerf. If I don't cheese with stun and stuff, poison kills me every time when I do Calamity runs. The only way to deal with it is healing a lot, for me. I like to mix up things though, and it's a shame I can't make a team without hydrim, gora or other healers. Dunno. Maybe it is right this way, but I find it frustrating personally. 

Usually I find that poison is countered by focusing less on healing and more on damage, but I do most of my testing on the standard difficulty so that might not be as accurate for calamity.   I'll definitely take a closer look at it as I test more.

(2 edits) (+1)

Maybe I'm just a sore loser, I dunno, ahahah. You should ask other calamity players maybe. I could be the only one.

The problem with damage is that it only works if you have few hits with great power, while in the game I find way easier and common to have more hits with less power. Or, alternatively, you continue to cast more and more reducing the mana required to do so.

The problem is that there are the weird virus-like poison emitters (the ones that poison you when you cast) and the round green version of the first poison monsters (the ones that poison you when you attack them) that counter both these strategies.

Dunno, maybe this is not actually a problem. Maybe it's ok if the game allows fewer strategies on harder level and I'm complaining only because I'm not able to play the strategies I want.

A game designer should not modify the game according to EVERY single complain/critique/opinion. But I'm sure you already know that.

I wanted to just give an opinion and, I'll admit, vent a little ahahah.

Thanks for listening anyway.

Maybe I should play on easier modes, but I'm usually a "HARDEST OR NOTHING" type of player, by nature XD Victory in easier modes does not taste like a real victory to me q.q -.- :( DX 


In the end, there are basically two requirements to calamity lv infinity mode: You either use cheese with Skimander / Chip stun synergy or similar ideas, or you do whatever you want but make sure to have enough healing.

If I don't have these two requirements, I'm able to go on for a bit, but not for long. I can also win the calamity level standard mode with not particular issue (despite being it more difficult), but the infinity mode is another matter.

I repeat, I could be the only one with this problem and in that case the game does not have a problem/flaw at all, I just wanted to share my experience, as always, absolutely no offense or attack intended towards you or the game! u,u


thats definitely a legitimate concern,  I do want some encounters to be stronger or weaker vs certain teams, but I'd also like to have ways to help deal with them as well.  At the moment heavy poison probably has the least amount of ways to deal with.  (Also I think conversely player monsters might be attacking and cast too frequently at higher levels which also makes them feel worse to fight)

(1 edit) (+1)

It is a difficult balance for sure... Maybe it's ok as it is now. Dunno.

As an addendum, today I thought of something and tried a different approach. I used the "defensive" super to tank the poison dmg while making lots of attacks and casts to kill the poison enemies. It worked a bit. It's not the best strat, but it's an option I did not think about before.

I still lost at the third loop, but that's for other reasons, lol.

Maybe I just have to try more stuff and combinations. I probably complained too soon, sorry about that. I'm not having the best of days and maybe I commented my frustrations away here, which was uncalled for.

Thanks for everything, have a nice day Jay.


youre good! Trying new things can help, the Supportive Super clears debuffs so that might be good too, and the technical super deals more damage (and to all enemies) so they might be good to try out too.  I know on super hard difficulties sometimes trying something different can be too risky though.  Also so much stuff is going on its sometimes hard to tell how much impact individual things are having 


sometimes events locked behind a synergy are locked, while I have that synergy

Currently you can only have 1 of the synergy based event blessings.  The limit isnt described in game, only an old change log. 

ok, thanks.

Btw what is the blessing at the pole, bc I never got it.

that one sets all enemies speed to 0 for 1.5 seconds at the start of every battle

(1 edit) (+2)

Monster Cola found in store?

I thought the candies were gone, but I found this in a store. Also, during the event I've never found a candy in a store! What's going on? XD


;) ;)

I put them as a really really low spawn chance in shops now 

never seen that item, what does it do?

there were 5 candy items which each boost a different stat by 12%, but gave -8% to a random different stat.  (this one specifically is +Spd).  they were part of the halloween event.  since they event is over you cant find them anymore but theres a really tiny chance theyll appear in shops now

Oh wow <3 Very cool idea Jay, thanks!


Spooky season comes to a close, and things go back to normal for now.

Our highest scorers were......

Infinite Mode: Zruty with 356 Candy!

Standard Mode: LaserQuacker with 7 Candy!

(1 edit) (+1)


Thanks for the contest Jay! :D It was very fun <3

I'll think a bit about the alt skin :P Can it be anything?


anything within reason. basically nothing too graphic, close to the same size, ideally somewhat similar to the base so its not to hard to tell which monster it is.  Of course references to copyrighted stuff will need to be homages and not copies etc 


Ok, I have an idea.

I really like egyptian gods and for that Mabek is one of my favorite monsters. I'm sad it is not used more in the "meta" (at least I did not see many posts with it).

Can you make an Anubis skin for it? Like, making it a black jackal with very pointed ears and some gold adornments on it?

Some time ago I made a pinterest board with some egyptian inspiration for a project. I put here the link for you if it helps communicate the idea:

Anubis is often depicted as a jackal-man, but it can also be simply a jackal. I know Mabek is inspired by a different egyptian god, but I really like Anubis and I think it could be fun to see it in a different way :D

Alternatively, if you think making a jackal out of a crocodile it's too far away from the original, I would also like a "Horus" skin for Parra ^^ Could be cool.

This said, I would still prefer Mabenubis if possible :P

What do you think?

mabeks ultimate feels underwhelming you get a better deal with tanks like kabu, would be cool if it spread the debuffs on the target to all enemies or something


that sounds great! Mabek is even already somewhat dog shaped lol.  And the inspiration of mabek is closely related to anubis too :D


Yaaaaaay!!! Happy you like the idea ^^ Can't wait to see it!


Here's my final attempt at the Candy Contest: the only monster combination I managed to get beyond loop 5 with - far, far beyond loop 5.

I've really been enjoying this game, and all the updates that were added since I first discovered it. Absolutely one of my favorite games on the website, keep up the great work!


WOW thats absurdly high!  I think skim chip might be alittle broken lol.  Thanks for all the kind words :D

Congrats, you won the infinite category!  Let me know what alt skin youd like to see, and for which monster.  feel free to post it here or message me on discord and I'll see what I can do

hey hey if you wanna get an alt costume in i still need to hear what design youd like to see!

(5 edits) (+1)

ran out of memory  (browser webgl no bug just number spam)  had something  like 188 candy  on loop 21 lol

got screenshot for loop 17 with 151 candy, won't tell how I did it for now 


what the heck thats so much, hmm i see alot of tactician syn im guessing hydrim + tiz is generating so much mana (along with triple mana pact) that gora is always casting stunning everything.  maybe even multiple tiz or goras?


no duplicates involved, the spyglass stacking and repulsors are critical but auxillary 

hydrim and gora are mostly for healing and stats, the strat is the best to get candy  I could have done easily 5-10 more loops probably as things were going

I had played around with this strat before and it blew my mind how effective it suddenly turned out


(1 edit) (+2)

Jokes aside, a hell of a run and of a strat ahahah. I would have guessed the same as Jay. Gora constantly casting thanks to various stuff or even multiple Goras. Why don't you show us the details? I understand the pride (deserved) but I don't think it's very nice u,u

Also, I'm envious because my computer explodes between 3 and 4 loop (max I reached I think it was 4' final boss... If I remember correctly), and I can't even try this stuff for myself :( Sadness.

Anyway, cool stuff. I think sharing the details would be potentially helpful for Jay, for balancing and stuff? :)


ahh fuck it not interested in the contest anyway, its chip+skimander stunlock

(2 edits) (+2)

Ah for the contest you were keeping the secret! I did not think of that o.o'' That makes sense, sorry.

Anyway, that makes absolutely sense. More than once Chip+Skimander brought joy to my runs, but I never got the chance to see the strat brought to this level of madness, lol. I don't even know what could the enemies do if skimander continues to cast and switch chip. I don't think there is enough stun resistance around. It could actually be an invincible strategy! Well freaking done!

I guess that the game could try to stop a bit this kind of strat by adding more stun resistance on some encounters?


the all enemies +50 mana thing is what  makes it necessary almost, even with the stun I still got instant killed sometimes in the later runs, just tanked the wounds

(2 edits) (+2)

Freezed game again :((((((( Same problem, "run out of memory". Very unfortunate...

I was doing very well. A lv5 run. I was in the middle of zone 1, on the 4 loop, and I had a very cool team. First time doing a run thinking of the team I wanted to get, instead of just seeing what I find along the way, and I managed to get it.

I made some screenshots before the 3 loop boss, luckily, so I can at least show the idea, but I could have gone further. It was tough, of course, being calamity level, but it was a good team with nice strat and balance.

I called this team "WATER DRAGONS" :)

The idea is to have a good amount of synergies. 3 Nature and 3 Aquatic can both become potentially 2' stage synergies if you find Living Root or Heart of the Ocean (which I didn't today -_-), there is also a 1' lv Magical, Saboteur and Tenacious, to obtain a very nice balance between healing and dmg.

The key points of the team are Wyrmlet's ability to deal massive dmg to all the enemies, growing exponentially stronger, and the massive healing the team get thanks to Gora and Hydrim together, helped even a bit more by Mudgill's Feeding Frenzy and Skimander's attacks while in the back.

I think that, if you can manage to find a Nature item, the healing this team receives becomes a real problem for every enemy, and with an Aquatic item you really tank the most dangerous abilities. It's great. And if you are having trouble and monsters are dying, the support super is always there to give a second chance, and with the power up healing factor it becomes even better.

The name is "water dragons" because, well, there are basically 4 "dragons" in the team XD And all of them are connected to water somehow. Skimander is a sort of water axolotl dragon, Wyrmlet is literally a blue dragon that seems connected to water, Mudgill is a water-mud shark dragon thing and Karakai is basically godzilla, which is, again, a water dragon kaiju monster XD Hydrim is the ocean itself and Gora... I don't know, maybe it's an algae here ahahah. Well you get the idea.

Magical and Nature are my favorite synergies (Haunted too, but I didn't use it here). I'm happy with this team. Unfortunate to not be able to see how far it can go :(

Still a fun ride <3

(1 edit) (+2)

Oh, also! I want to add that the last patch, with the possibility of visiting the nest after the bosses, improved a lot the road options for the runs and the chance to get the monster you want! Thanks for doing that!

does the chalice remove stun? 

(1 edit) (+2)


I don't understand. What has the chalice have to do with the run and the freeze?

I don't think it does, anyway. It removes debuffs after casting, but if you are stunned your casting doesn't happen until the stun goes away, so even if "stun" is considered a "debuff", the chalice should be useless, in that sense.

you got the chalice in your inventory there but you are probably right


Laser is correct, it cant only because stuns prevent you from casting. Effects that remove debuffs can potentially removes stuns otherwise though


:C been trying to reduce the memory usage.  This was in browser right?  Thats so far in calamity too.


Yeah, in browser... But it must be my pc. If Dave could reach that far before running out of memory, I don't see another explanation :/ Guess I will have to wait for the game to be on steam.

Also, I'm on mac, so I can't use the downloadable version of the game... Yeah, I'm screwed ^^''

It's a shame, I love this game and I want to try different strats I have in mind to reach further and further in calamity infinite mode. One day for sure u,u

Thanks anyway for all the effort!

my laptop is not highend or anything in fact it overheats and crashes since I bought  it, I got a gaming PC but never use it


I don't know what it is then. How much ram do you have? And what browser do you use?

chrome  and 4GB ram


How come I couldn't take any one of the paths when my tizik had both 100+ Int and 40+ speed?


thats not good, did you happen to have 1 wound left?  These options deal 1 dmg to you too? I should add that to the condition-not-met text.


I'm not sure if I had a wound left, but that information helps, so Thanks!


Found some neat thing in infinite mode. Had cost reduction by burying an item and cheap shop in the third zone when you fall down and got 100+ in some stat.

You can just buy everything and resell at a profit then restock until it gets too expensive.  I think I got 15 food and two legendaries with it.


Sounds amazing ahahahah. I imagine the confusion of the merchant that sells you the stuff and then buys it at a higher price ^^'''

(2 edits) (+1)

Question: Does "latent power balanced" give +5% to allies' stats EVERY time Arcane Breath it's used? Like, does it stack every time for the duration of the  battle?

Oh, and is the 5% relative to the new stat or the original one? Like, if the stat is 100 and it becomes 105, is then 5% of 105 or 5% of 100? Does it gain more and more exponentially? 


stacks with every use, but does not compound. so it just goes 100->105->110->115  NOT 100->105->110.25->115.7625


Okey Dokey, thanks

(1 edit) (+1)

I have some problems with discord (with my account, not the server) and I can't check. What are the records for the candy contest at the moment?

Yes, I'm asking if my 7 is still on top or if someone got 8 and I have to grind XD D:


no changes so far!


Great, thanks! What about the infinite one?


dave's most recent one here is the current highest i believe!

Congrats, you won the standard category!  People came close but you held on at the top.  Let me know what alt skin youd like to see, and for which monster.  feel free to post it here or message me on discord and I'll see what I can do


mudgil (with the spyglass and another mana on hit item)  is my new favorite you can have him  in semi  permanent cast mode  

 and I got some new favorite fusions

the healing tome with the ring of power that, 

the invulnerabillity helmet with the green taunt orb

(2 edits) (+2)

Very very cool. Well done! I usually don't like the healing tome and the invulnerability because they get rid of the already very useful active abilities monsters have, but I see you gave them to Chikia and Gora, who have useful abilities but sometimes not as much useful as the others. It's a good strat and two very nice merged items!

Last time the candy record for infinite mode was 51. Is it your 60 now? :D


Its the most I have seen but it should be  pretty easy to get some more if you got a good run.  I love the speed average thing chikita does for many reasons. So far my best was loop 7 but with little candy. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I really like the orb helmet combo too.  also oo I like the tome on gora cause he can get a big boost to healing from the tier 3 ability


Weird bug: monster didn't change sprite after evolving?

I was doing an infinite mode lv 5 run and evolved Gheist right at the final boss. Gheist weirdly gained the new stats and its trait "terrifying end", but did not change sprite. It never occured till now. Super weird. Maybe it has something to do with the altered skins for the halloween event?

Massive pikachu that doesn't want to evolve into raichu vibes here XD


hmm thats the 2nd time someone mentioned this happening, but I havent been able to cause it myself.  I do think its related to the alt skins. 

My mind was very deep into strat in that moment, so I'm not sure what I did, but I have the habit of evolving and pressing the "continue" icon to go to the new tile of the run while the monster is still evolving, sometimes. Could it be related to that? Is there some weird stuff with the animation? Dunno, just throwing hypoteses out there owo


Damn it. A 6 candy run. I was doing very well in the first two areas, but the last one didn't give me as much candies as I hoped. I'm still trying to reach 8 to secure the win at the end of the month. That 7 is fragile XD

Also, it was hilarious to find Master's Sai already in the second "tile" of the run.


that event is a bit of a treasure trove :D 


will this ever be on steam? 

(1 edit) (+1)

Probably, but for sure if you play too much of it, like a lot of us fans are doing for the candy contest, YOU will be on steam! :P <3


i would like to get it there 

(1 edit) (+2)

I think I discovered how to regain lost wounds without items or rest or events.

If you have the "Haunted" synergy and a monster with the "Supportive" type, you can wait when a monster dies and then use the Supportive Super effect. When the monster dies, thanks to Haunted you don't gain a wound, but when you heal the monster back to life you actually heal a previous wound.

I think, at least. It was quick, I didn't even notice it at first, but surely I had some wounds and later on during a run I had them no more. And I did not rest nor use items and events and such. This is the only explanation I can think of.

Dunno, maybe it was something you already knew?


omega harvester


It happened O: the fabled weapon


I shared this in the discord but heres some secrets and tips for candy hunting


-Candy has a very low chance from being found after normal battles 

-Events that give candy: Weary Traveler-> Choose to carry (req 30 str) gives 1, Charmweaver -> Choose to craft a banner (req a charm) gives 1, Humble Cottage-> Choose Take Candy: gives 0 to 2, Sealed Tomb-> Random chance for a Candy Stash reward (random required stat) gives 1 to 4. 

-Candy Baskets are most common in Zone 1 Treasure fights TIPS 

-Try to save candy for tier 2 or 3 monsters, their higher base stats mean they get an even bigger boost from the % increase.

-Candy is food, it can be used at campsites to cook meals to affect your entire party! Really make the most of those stat boosts.


Thanks for sharing!


using candy is tricky due to the debuff, hitting speed or HP really hurts over time


By the end of the month, I know I will not be able to do lv5 runs anymore. I'm doing too many lv1 just for the candy contest. Lol.


I got 59 candy for infinite had a 51 candy run then I read on discord how to stack

monsters ._.



What do you mean by "stack monsters"?


theres a little way to get around the 1 of each monster rule.  If you do egg sense in the nests in zones 2 or 3 to find a specific egg but dont hatch it, you can still find that same monster in future nests.  This is because it only checks if you currently have the monster to exclude it from the list of possible monsters.


loop 7 is how far I got, the first time they shredded me the second I didn't deal enough damage


2 great runs!  I like seeing Chikia and Krog too


Oh wow, so tricky. Do you think you are gonna patch it? Or do you think it's fun that way? I have no opinion on it, personally.


currently not going to patch it unless it causes something really broken 


This is the meanest trolling ever XD >>>>:(




funny part is that you cant even buy candy

>:D >:D


i buried the note and still got the good deed effect 


wiped loop 6 boss, the best bonus was the +10 food when I dumped it into meals at camp sites, got the +100 speed mask and had the chikita

400 int tizik

(1 edit) (+2)

Tizik with the "Heart of the and Acuity" is hilarious. Nice run!

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candy for dinner!  I think people are sleeping on how good meals are 


I keep getting 4-5 candies. I got that 7 at like, the third run on sunday, and now I can't get past 5, not even 6. It's harder than I thought. If someone can manage to get 8 I don't know how would I able to get more. The grind is hard XD


My first attempt for candy

the +50 enemy mp really did me in I think


still a good haul!  yea that curse is really dangerous


Longest normal endless run, didn't expect these guys to live for so long but I'm glad the strategy somehow worked. Haunted + Hydrim cheese mostly but all my mon focused on spread out damage. Using super to reverse deaths with Life Force is probably the only reason they made it so far.

life force is a good strat :D, spread out damage can be risky as the monsters get stronger tho


This is the best skin that ever existed




My longest run, turns out regen is the best stratagy.







Nothing special this time for runs or candies, but I wanted to show this:

Boy oh boy XD It was a beauty to behold.


everybody's getting harvesters lol

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It's that time of the year. When you reap pumpkins, candies and void monster souls <3 XD

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7 Candies in Standard Mode :) Best one so far. Just doing a bunch of lv1 runs to see how can you find candies. I'll check out later on the discord server to see there how it's going. What's the max reached rn? And what's the max you can reach, theoretically and realistically? 

Oh, also, the alternate skins are very fun ahahah. For now I found Frankie-chip and Yoshi-chikia :P


as of this time the records are 51 infinite and 4 standard, well now 7 with yours 

also im happy you recognized who they are 


51 INFINITE ahahahah, amazing

I have to try the infinite mode still, with the candy hunt. I hope the patches help with the memory problems ^^'' I suspect it is also pc-dependent so... We'll see.

I'm very happy about my 7 then, yay! :D I got very lucky. "?" battles aside, I found candies around. The turtle sage gave me a candy and also some random battles gave me one. I was very surprised!

I'll grind some more in the future and I'll try the infinite one.

Question: I found hydrim with their new red skin. I don't get who they are. Are they a red moon, maybe? Are they blood? >:-P


battles have a very low chance to give a candy, but theres a few events that give them as well (some dont say if they will tho like that one).   Hydrim is just spooky blood yea lol, that one and one other are just quick recolors.


For now I found the sage turtle master and the one where you fall and take 1 wound in exchange for 1 candy ^^ Still not any better than that 7. I was hella lucky. I got 5 max after that. Never 6. And in the infinite mode I only got like 19... -.-'' How the heck did they reach 51?!

On a good note, I reached the boss on the 4' loop and it did not crash the game! Not sure it will keep so, doing longer runs, but my pc freezed the game at that point, before, so the patch helped at least a bit! :D


Oh, also, question: Is there a difference in playing at different levels, for the candy contest? Is playing at lv 1 and 5 the same? Or do the candies at lv 5 count more?


no differenc, higher levels will just be harder!


Perfect, thank you thank you thank you <3

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I'm simply amazed by how much work is being put into this game. I love it. Can't wait to try out the new balances and the october fest :D Thanks Jay!




First run of the update.

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